important otp thing to consider: who rocks the ferris wheel seat 

even more important: which one is terrified and crying and clinging to the other to try and get them to stop


LongBow by bridge-troll

"Inspired by the  Redwall series of fantasy novels, written by Brian Jacques"

More Human AU’s! (Martin the Warrior)

Of course, we have to do Martin. I imagine him with darker skin from working under the sun so much, and coffee-black hair. (Grey eyes, of course, that’s canon). He’d have a distinct fierceness to him that accompanies being under-nourished and treated like filth for most of his life. Piercing is the word that comes to mind. 

Rose has dark auburn hair in my mind. High-cheekbones, intelligent, with the warmth of someone who has always been loved. No rough edges, no lashing out — gentle as summer rain. Unless she’s angry, of course. Because she loves her friends, and hell hath no fury when you hurt her boys. Martin’s fierceness stems from anger; Rose’s stems from love.

Pallum’s the baby of the group. Small, trim, blond curly hair and shy eyes. He’s the kid who’s always surprised when you pay attention to him. Pretty girls make him forget how to talk, but there’s something steady about him. Slow to anger and eternally faithful. As he gets older he’s viewed as the wise man of the village, full of compassion and quiet laughter. Pallum the Peaceful. 

Grumm has coal-black skin and hair and dark twinkly eyes. He’s the oldest but the shortest. Always wears earthy colors and (of course) carries around his ladle. Perceptive, clever, and kind under a rough exterior, he’s the heart of the group. Dependable and clear-sighted is the way to describe Grumm. Rose is the only one allowed to coddle him in any way.

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XD It's fine. I'm really glad you liked them. Sam is my baby. And YES. Constance as Molly is just too good, really. "Not my daughter, you bitch?" anybody?

Hell yes

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XD Well, I'm glad you liked my head canons (I'm the one who submitted those). Sam is BEST. <3 I know, right? HP and Redwall = Perfection. Also, just because it won't leave my head, Constance is totally the "Molly" in this scenario.

Hah! I didn’t even see that you submitted those. You’re welcome. *tips hat*

(Molly headcanon fully and completely accepted)

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Yeah, they were. Cute ass family. ...Until his dad disappeared into thin air anyways. Yeah, I get you. Vitch as Peter doesn't quite work, but it's good enough for the shallow comparisons. And yes, dear God, Harry Potter/Redwall comparisons can go on for forever.

Personally I accept this headcanon — that his dad was killed in-between books. (I accept all the above headcanons actually, they’re great). My two favorite book series combined, what could be better?

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Of course she is. Hey, girl may like her mischief as well, but sometimes it's just TOO FAR, Matti, too far. And I think I'm just gonna officially dub Vitch as their Peter because both are snivelling, cowardly rats who sold everyone else down the river even though they were taking care of him. Though, of course, there are differences based on backstory and stuff - anybody who thinks Mr Squirrel and Jess would be like Sirius' parents are objectively wrong, for instance.

True. True. Sam’s folks were rockin’. 

And yeah, Peter and Vitch were both rats and cowards. I can see it. The obvious difference is that Vitch and Matti always hated each other, unlike Peter and James…but if I try to do an in-depth analysis I’ll get a headache, so we’ll leave it there. Heh. 

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MATTIMEO AS JAMES POTTER TYPE OMFG PERFECT. THAT'S *EXACTLY* HOW THE LIL SHIT WOULD BE AS A HUMAN. Lovable, but with a lot of growing up to do. Also, if we're doing Redwall - Marauder equivalents, Sam is Sirius because he's a mischievous lil shit half the time, and Tim is Remus. Not sure who the "Peter" would be - I'd say Vitch, but they never really got along with him. Ah well.


And Tess is the Lily of the group, rolling her eyes at Matti’s antics and trying to hide how incredibly fond of him she is. And Sam and Tim as Sirius and Remus, yes, it’s perfect. Image complete.